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Feature Request: Sorting in "Open Type" dialog

Aug 21, 2008 at 10:57 AM

I really love the "Open Type" dialog. It absolute should be in the default VS install...

But I have a little problem with that: the types are not sorted in the dialog.
It's not that bad if you type some letters and the resultset contains only a few results - it's quite easy to select one of them.
But in our case (we develop an ORM), we have a lot of types with name starting with "Node". Class Node, class NodeList, NodeType, NodeQuery, NodeToken, NodeBulder... 29 classes (and counting :)

When I type "Node" I would like to jump to class Node. But in my case, the class Node is in the middle of the list. Since the "Node" is the full name of the class, I can't type in more characters. I have to select the Node class manually from the 30-element long list.

thanks and keep up the good work,